Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Carl Trieloff Keynote about AMQP/MRG at SIFMA 2009

SIFMA's Technology Management Conference & Exhibit is perhaps Wall St's biggest such annual event.  Carl Trieloff will deliver this morning's opening keynote, followed by Stanley Young, the CEO of NYSE Technologies.

Carl's talk is on Building Financial Use Cases Directly into Messaging Software for Better Performance and Productivity and will cover work we've done in AMQP and Red Hat Enterprise MRG to provide a leading messaging platform and ecosystem.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

MRG Realtime Slides From HP Tech Forum 2009

I've posted online my slides from my presentation today at the HP Technology Forum and Expo about Realtime Performance with Red Hat Enterprise MRG and HP Systems

You can download them here.

Cloud, Utility, Grid and Other Mixed Metaphors

I've written a new blog post for Cloud, Utility, Grid and Other Mixed Metaphors.  It discusses three terms that people typically use together but are often unclear about how they fit: cloud computing, utility computing, and grid computing.  The post illustrates the differences between the concepts and also describes how they fit together by using Red Hat Enterprise MRG as an example of how to achieve all three. 

Check out the post at

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

MRG at the HP Technology Forum 2009

I'm at the HP Technology Forum and Expo 2009 in Las Vegas right now.  On Thursday morning, I'll be speaking on Realtime Performance with Red Hat Enterprise MRG and HP Systems.  The session is first thing after breakfast, so it's early--but it will be worth it!  Also, we are demonstrating MRG Messaging and Realtime at the Red Hat Booth in the Expo center.  So, stop by to see MRG in action (and also to pick up a free red hat).

Monday, June 8, 2009

Simultaneously Charging the Novatel MiFi 2200 via USB and using Wifi, and Other MiFi Thoughts

Updated 7/27/2009

I recently upgraded my wireless USB modem from a Sprint Novatel Ovation U727 to a Sprint Novatel MiFi 2200.  The MiFi 2200 is a great, tiny device that integrates a 3G modem with a wireless router so that you can connect multiple wifi-enabled devices to your 3G modem.  There are all sorts of reviews of the MiFi 2200 on the Web already, so I won't add an in-depth review.  I will say, though, that:
  • The Sprint version of the MiFi 2200 doesn't come with an included USB Micro data cable, so you'll need to get one if you want to tether or charge from your computer.  On the other hand, unlike the Verizon version which does come with a cable, the Sprint version doesn't require being connected to a Windows PC for activation, so it's easy to setup
  • The Sprint version of the MiFi 2200 includes GPS, but it's pretty useless.  You have to go to a Web page on the router and go to linked searches from that specific interface for local resources
If you connect the MiFi 2200 to your computer via a USB Micro cable, it acts as a tethered modem.  The instructions I wrote for using a Novatel Ovation U727 modem on Fedora work for the MiFi 2200 as a tethered modem as well.

One of the limitations of the MiFi 2200 is that if you connect it to your computer with a USB Micro, it won't work as a wifi router.  This creates problems if you want to charge your MiFi 2200 via USB while also sharing your connection or using an operating system/laptop without adequate drivers for using the MiFi 2200 as a tethered modem.  I've worked around this limitation in two ways:
  • Purchase a Belkin Mini Surge 3OUT This is a fanstastic, travel-sized power strip with 3 outlets and 2 USB jacks.  You can use this to power your MiFi 2200 via USB and also share a power outlet with other devices, like your laptop.  The Belkin Mini Surge is great if you want to use a power outlet in public, but it's already full.  By plugging in the Mini Surge, you can share that power outlet with other people
  • Purchase an iPhone USB Charging Adapter
    Even though this adapter says its for iPhones, what it really does is take a USB cable and strip out the data across it, leaving only power.  By plugging this adapter to a USB Micro cable, you can then attach your MiFi 2200 to your laptop's USB port to charge it but still have the MiFi 2200 function as a wireless router
Update 7/27/2009
One important thing to note is that the MiFi 2200 requires a lot of power to charge, and many off-the-shelf USB micro cables won't be able to send enough power to the MiFi 2200 to charge it from a USB port.  In fact, I've tried several different USB micro cables with my MiFi with varying degrees of successful charging.  So, if you buy an iPhone USB Charging Adapter or try using the Belkin Mini Surge but aren't able to charge your MiFi, the chances are that it's your USB Micro cable which is the problem.

I've recently purchased a Tekkeon TekCharge MP1800, which is a portable battery back that can power and charge the MiFi 2200 as well as other power-hugry devices (like my iPhone). 

The TekCharge comes with a retractable cable that is able to charge the MiFi from a computer's USB port, and it also provides a compact battery for giving your other electronic gadgets additional runtime and charge.  Since purchasing the TekCharge, I just use the cable that came with it and no longer need the iPhone USB charger.

Monday, June 1, 2009

MRG/AMQP Keynote at STAC Performance Summit in NYC on June 4, 2009

I'll be at the STAC Performance Summit this Thursday, June 4, in New York City.  Carl Trieloff from my team will be delivering a keynote there and discussing new developments around AMQP and MRG as well as industry changes that we see coming as a result.  He'll also be highlighting some interesting performance data and work that we're doing with STAC.

The STAC Performance Summit is free to attend for end-user firms--you can find more information and register at