Tuesday, September 8, 2009

MRG Presentations and Videos from the Summit

I'm back from Chicago from another great Red Hat Summit.  I have uploaded my two presentations from the 2009 Red Hat Summit online:

As an additional treat, you can also view videos of one of my sessions, as well as our CTO Brian Stevens' keynote, which highlighted cloud computing with MRG and other technologies.  I can't link to the videos directly, but you can find them at
Brian Stevens' keynote is on the first tab.  My MRG presentation is on the Summit Sessions tab.

Finally, you can watch a demo video of cloud computing with Red Hat Enterprise MRG.  In this video, I bridge and aggregate three different clouds together (a local render cloud, an internal cloud provisioned by Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, and Amazon EC2) into one seamless render cloud for film rendering.  This video created quite a buzz at the Summit, so enjoy!