Thursday, October 14, 2010

MRG 1.3 is Released

I'm pleased to announce the release of Red Hat Enterprise MRG 1.3.  MRG 1.3 is a significant update that features many new enhancements, including:


MRG 1.3 offers updated clients with improved performance, new protocol version independent C++ and Python clients, Windows C++ client and additional QMF APIs.  Clustering enhancements include durable stores to provide optimized performance in clustered environments and stability improvements.

The update also enables MRG Messaging to be recognized as a supported messaging transport for JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform, and offers security improvements such as SASL support for Python, including Kerberos support.

With MRG 1.3, Realtime will move to a 2.6.33-based kernel, and will include the new Performance Counter subsystem in the kernel and the new associated perf performance tool to enable greater performance capabilities for customers.  The update also features new hardware enablement and certifications, which will incorporate a MRG Realtime hardware certification program that is expected to be introduced shortly for 1.3.

MRG Grid is a key component of Red Hat's Cloud Foundations and also for HPC markets.  The release includes new user tools, Windows Execute Node support, enhanced workflow management, resource restriction capabilities, update configuration management and new admin tools.  With these updates, customers will gain the ability to scale to tens of thousands of devices, be able to provision virtual machines, centralize configuration and management and utilize cloud spill-over capabilities.

For additional information on MRG 1.3, see the official release announcement.