Monday, July 13, 2009

MRG In The Open Source Cloud Computing Forum

Red Hat is hosting an online event, the Open Source Cloud Computing Forum, on July 22, 2009.  Matt Farrellee from the MRG team will be presenting on how Condor, the Grid component in MRG, helps with building and adopting clouds during the 5th session at 11:30am.

The event is free also features lots of other great sessions.  Read more about it here and then register to attend!


We've launched a new Web site,  This site features additional components and tools for enterprise AMQP messaging that we have developed for Apache Qpid.  We also ship productized and supported versions of these components and tools in Red Hat Enterprise MRG.

Notably, includes a high-speed persistence library and management tools.  Why don't we just include these components in the QPid project?  One major reason is that they're licensed under open source licenses other than the Apache license.  For example, because the persistence library tightly ties to Linux, which is licensed under the GPL, we can't license that code under the Apache license.

Check out if you use QPid!