Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Welcome Makara!

Today, we announced that Red Hat has acquired Makara.  This acquisition is going to accelerate significantly Red Hat's offerings around Platform as a Service.  Makara includes many capabilities like auto-scaling, fantastic monitoring, and self-service portals for Java and LAMP applications in the cloud.

Combined with Red Hat's Cloud Foundations offerings as well as JBoss and Red Hat middleware platforms, we will be able to deliver the leading PaaS offering with:

  • Support for your choice of programming model and language, from full JEE to Spring to Ruby to LAMP and not just a proprietary or restricted API.  This means you can run the broadest set of applications with the benefits of PaaS--including existing applications
  • Support for your choice of cloud--whether private or hybrid or public

Red Hat PaaS With Your Choice of Programming Model and Your Choice of Cloud
If you'd like to learn more about Makara's capabilities, you can try them out for free online.

Welcome aboard, Makara, and I look forward to working together!