Monday, August 13, 2007

Red Hat Developer Studio 1.0 Beta 1 Now Available

I'm pleased to announce the availability of the first beta release of Red Hat Developer Studio. This beta release marks the first time that a 100% open source development solution is available that integrates Eclipse, Eclipse plugins, and an entire runtime platform (The JBoss Enterprise Application Platform). So, with Red Hat Developer Studio, you can, out of the box, do things like:

  • Generate a new Seam application using new Seam tools and deploy right into a pre-configured JBoss Application Server
  • Visually design and code JSF pages using the updated Visual Page Editor, which now supports WYSIWYG editing of rich, AJAX components
  • Generate entity beans for Seam applications from your database using Hibernate and visual seam-gen tools

You can download the Red Hat Developer Studio beta from


Anonymous said...

I have pounded my head against the wall for months now trying to
get an installation of JBoss 4.2, Eclipse 3.3 and tutorials that
A) referred to things that actually existed and B) would work.

I had hoped this new version of JBoss tools under Eclipse would
finally get me round the corner so I could FINALLY proceed and
learn this stuff. But once again, the tutorials refer to
non-existant things and cannot be done.

Am I wasting my time? Every time I see other people post
complaints about these kinds of problems, they are scolded
for having bad manners. Should I just scrap Eclipse
altogehter and just start over with NetBeans?

Bryan Che said...

Mark, what tutorials are you using? Have you gone through the documentation at

Tarcio Saraiva said...

I've downloaded RHDS yesterday and, after some issues with JBoss configuration files, I've got it up & running smoothly!

Was running Eclipse Europa for J2EE and couldn't believe how buggy it was.. was hoping that, with RHDS, J2EE 5 development (eclipse-based) would be easy and it proved to be more than that so far!

Congratz to you guyz! :)

Unknown said...

I'm trying to download RHDS, the link seems not to be working :(

Bryan Che said...

What link are you using? What problems are you seeing when trying to download?

Unknown said...

firstly at work the firewall was blocking ;). but now, at home, I'm using a 1Mb ADSL link. it always stops downloading at 89%....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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