Thursday, June 19, 2008

Red Hat Enterprise MRG v1 is Released

Today marks the release of version 1 of Red Hat Enterprise MRG, our high performance distributed computing platform that integrates Messaging, Realtime, and Grid technologies. Red Hat has been working across each of these technologies for years, so we're excited to be launching the initial release at the Red Hat Summit.

We've got some pretty impressive performance results, customers, partners, and use cases for MRG. For details, see:

Additionally, if you happen to be at the Red Hat Summit, we're featuring MRG pretty prominently:
  • Our CEO, Jim Whitehurst, highlighted MRG Messaging and AMQP yesterday in his keynote as an example of a customer (JPMC) contributing to open source
  • Our CTO, Brian Stevens, featured MRG in this morning's keynote
  • We have several sessions on MRG
  • We are doing MRG demos at the Red Hat booth in the Expo Hall
  • Cisco is a sponsor at the Summit and is demonstrating their AON Message Bus Interconnect (MBI) solution. Cisco is debuting support for Red Hat Enterprise MRG Messaging in their AON MBI product at the Summit and demonstrating this in the Expo Hall.
  • IBM is a sponsor at the Summit and is demonstrating their WebSphere Real Time, which is an RTSJ-compliant realtime JVM. IBM supports WebSphere Real Time exclusively on Red Hat Enterprise MRG. They have also been a strong development partner with Red Hat around realtime, and they are a winner in this year's Red Hat Innovation Awards for this work. IBM is demonstrating WebSphere Real Time in the Expo Hall.
Congratulations to the entire MRG team for this fantastic release!


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