Wednesday, March 4, 2009

QPid is a Top-Level Apache Project

The Apache Software Foundation announced today that it has elevated QPid to a top-level project, based on the accomplishments it has made in developing a community and software.  We did the initial submission of QPid to Apache, so it's gratifying to see that it has come such a long way now and has developed such a large community and following--including some surprising members.

"On the heels of its recent graduation, Qpid has also reached the completion of the major Qpid M4 release. We're thrilled to have our project's growth and maturity recognized by the Apache Software Foundation," said Carl Trieloff, Chair of the Apache Qpid Project Management Committee (PMC) and Senior Consulting Software Engineer at Red Hat. "With the promotion to an Apache Top-Level Project, Qpid is recognized for outstanding development based on our vibrant, rapidly expanding community, infrastructure, and for collaborative development."

John O'Hara, Chairman of the AMQP Working Group and Executive Director at JPMorgan said, "I am delighted that the Apache Software Foundation has graduated the Qpid project. AMQP is an open infrastructure for business messaging over the Internet. Apache Qpid developers have been active participants in the AMQP Working Group working in partnership with other AMQP solution developers and end-users. The ASF's provision of Qpid as its AMQP implementation adds to the range of AMQP solutions businesses can choose from to improve their efficiency." 
Read more in the full press release from Apache.

Check out QPid's new home:


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