Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Easy Way to Install TweetDeck on Linux and Work Around Error #5100

I tried installing TweetDeck on my Fedora Linux laptop and ran into an Error #5100.  I did a Google search, and it turns out that many other people have run into this error and solved it by doing things like downloading Adobe AIR and TweetDeck, and installing these files manually as root.

I found a much easier way: run FireFox (or whatever browser you use) as root, go to, and click the "Download Now" link.  Everything works!

Update:  according to smmehadi at Adobe, installing xterm first is the truly easy and recommended way to solve this issue.


Unknown said...

You almost had me there !! I still get #5100. How did you install AIR ?

- Rich

Bryan Che said...

AIR installed automatically as part of the download for me when I installed as root

Bryan Che said...

Just updated instructions with a tip from Adobe

Unknown said...

Yup - yum install xterm did it - AIR needs xterm to auth. root user it seems. Doesn't explain why running as root doesn't work for me though. Ah well.

Thanks !