Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Deutsche Börse Customer Case Study for MRG

Today, Red Hat published an announcement and a case study on how Deutsche Börse, the German Stock Exchange, is using Red Hat Enterprise MRG for their new risk management system as well as their upcoming trading platform:

"We decided to implement Red Hat Enterprise MRG Messaging with AMQP because we wanted to make it as easy as possible for our client banks to access the relevant risk data. Using the open standard AMQP helps us to avoid complex and time-consuming development of customized adaptors," said Gerhard Lessmann, member of the executive board at Deutsche Börse Systems.
“In addition to the risk management system, we are in the process of building an entirely new trading platform for Deutsche Börse Group, based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Enterprise MRG,” said Gerhard Lessmann, DBS. “In this context it was a logical decision to work with Red Hat also for our risk management project. We always work to keep our IT operations focused on their core tasks and to minimise support workload on the team. Having Red Hat support readily available as a single point of contact is an excellent way to achieve just that.”

As a leading exchange, Deutsche Börse, has extremely high requirements for their software infrastructure.  So, we're glad to have such a positive endorsement from them.  We're also happy to be working with Deutsche Börse on the AMQP specification itself as part of the AMQP working group.

You can read the full case study here.