Monday, June 16, 2008

Red Hat Summit 2008 (and FUDCon!)

Tomorrow is the start of the 2008 Red Hat Summit in Boston. There are going to be several sessions related to Red Hat Enterprise MRG there:

  • Thursday 1:30pm: Realtime Linux: Who, What, When, Where and Why by Clark Williams. Clark is the tech lead for realtime at Red Hat, so he'll have a lot of good stuff to say about performance results, how we've developed realtime, what's happening in the open source community, what's planned for the future, and so on.
  • Thursday 4:00pm: Red Hat Enterprise MRG Overview by Carl Trieloff. Carl is the technical director and visionary behind MRG, so this will be a great opportunity to hear first-hand about the origins, successes, and benefits of MRG. Way back, I spent over a year working to get Carl into Red Hat to launch and drive our MRG initiatives. Now, after creating AMQP, starting new open source projects, bringing realtime to maturity, and signing our partnership with the University of Wisconsin around Condor, we are starting to see significant traction around MRG.
  • Friday 9:00am: Dynamic Grid Computing With Red Hat Enterprise MRG & Amazon EC2 by Bryan Che. That's me! I hope you can get up early enough to attend my session. I'll be presenting on the work we've been doing to enable dynamically provisioning grid capacity at Amazon EC2's cloud infrastructure right from your MRG Grid's Condor scheduler. This will enable enterprises to add capacity dynamically to existing data centers or even to provision entire grids on-demand in the cloud. Cloud computing is hot these days, and we are seeing a lot of customer interest in MRG's integration with EC2.
This week also marks the start of FUDCon 2008 in Boston. Matt Farrellee, who is our tech lead for Condor and MRG Grid, will be coming to town to help lead discussions on implementing Fedora Nightlife. Of course, I'll be there too.


Joe Williams said...


I was unable to make your Friday 9am talk at the summit. Is it possible that I could get the slides from you?


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