Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Corporate, Customer, and Academic Open Source Communities for Next Generation Software

I submitted a paper for the NSF's Cyberinfrastructure Software Sustainability & Reusability Workshop.  I discuss some of the innovative open source models we've used to develop Red Hat Enterprise MRG:

The NSF is looking both at models of how to build sustainable cyberinfrastructure software as well as specific software that will benefit its goals like providing communities with access to a “world class high performance computing (HPC) environment.” Red Hat Enterprise MRG, a high performance distributed computing platform which integrates Messaging, Realtime, and Grid capabilities, provides both an open source model of how academic researchers, customers, and corporations can collaborate as well as powerful software infrastructure which can help the NSF meet its next-generation cyberinfrastructure goals.
For example, I discuss the partnership we have with the University of Wisconsin around Condor for Grid scheduling:
This partnership between UW and Red Hat is adding many innovative capabilities to Condor and also expanding significantly Condor's reach from research environments to enterprises. For example, Red Hat has focused on adding many capabilities which enterprises require for deployment but which are not paramount for academia. These enhancements range from new graphical management tools to enterprise maintainability to concurrency limits on scarce resources like software licenses. Furthermore, Red Hat has also focused on advancing Condor towards utility and cloud models of computing by adding capabilities like libvirt virtualization support and Amazon EC2 integration. Many enterprises are now looking at MRG and Condor for building private clouds and moving to cloud computing.
The paper also discusses how we're feeding back developments from the enterprise into academia, how we've collaborated with customers and users around AMQP and messaging, how the technologies in MRG can help the NSF meet its software goals around sustainable HPC, and so on.

You can see the submission at the NSF's site for papers.

You can also directly download a pdf of the paper from the NSF's site: Corporate, Customer, and Academic Open Source Communities for Next Generation Software.


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